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Sep 22
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Tongue & Groove is improvised theater inspired by YOU! "Hilarious... and fearless" (Philly Weekly) "Will explode your expectation of what improvisation can be.... and you'll laugh til you get a head rush." (Phawker). "Soul-baring sincerity and humor." (City Paper) For the Fringe Festival, Tongue & Groove asks: How are you feeling.... really? Desirable, hurt, worthy, itchy, ashamed, frisky, torn, cold, joyful? Tell us anonymously on a written card. If you choose, during our pre-show mingle time, share your card with a stranger...or just say hello! Then watch your feelings inspire T&G's improvised performance. Arrive Early: PRE-SHOW FREE MASSAGE! ​ 30 minutes prior to each performance FREE chair and hand massage! So that you can feel physically well. ​ (massage time limited; first come first served)