Halloween weekend is lurking just around the corner. Celebrate this festive weekend through Open Arts. With plenty of spooks and thrills you’ll find that sometimes there are more tricks than treats…

 This time of year brings out a new side to each of us: one that craves mystery and suspense. Whether you’re a horror film fanatic that prides yourself on never being scared or someone that still finds the evil characters of Disney movies frightening; there is Halloween themed fun geared just for you!

For those who may be adverse to extreme terror, which is hard to believe any of us aren’t, there is a Spooky Science program at the Franklin Institute! Join in the fun on October 28 at 5:00 for the Target Community Night, Halloween edition! This event is completely free and open to the public. Every third Wednesday of the month, the Franklin Institute opens its doors to host the community in an evening full of science. Experience the mystic and wonder of this holiday through one of Philadelphia’s greatest museums!  Fear factor: 2

Are you searching for something a little more intense? Then check out Mischief Night at The Woodlands on October 30. Take a walk through the cemetery, in the dark of night. Bring your flashlight and your bravery. Beware of what, or should I say who, is around you. Keep your senses keen but most importantly have a fun time. If you haven’t heard of The Woodlands before, it’s a historical estate that holds beauty in it’s 18th-centery architecture, elaborate monuments, and majestic landscape. During the day this estate and cemetery will stun you with its beauty and history, but at night this history may just come alive. Fear factor: 6

If you can conquer The Woodlands then you are as prepared as you can be for the Terror Behind the Walls. Each year the Eastern State Penitentiary, the oldest prison in Philadelphia, turns into an elaborate haunted house. Within the walls of this allegedly haunted prison, actors and actresses wait around each corner eager to make our skin crawl. While there are no longer prisoners in this historic prison, there have been many reports of paranormal activity here in recent years. At the very least those dressed up at zombies, vampires and ghouls are sure to make you jump and scream. A haunted house is scary enough on its own but they take it to a whole new level. Fear factor: 8

Are you interested in learning more about the Eastern State Penitentiary?  You can learn more by visiting again on Nov. 3 for the next segment of The Searchlight Series featuring historian and author, Jen Manion. She will be discussing her book, “Liberty’s Prisoners”, and the dramatic growth of the US prison system over the last 40 years. This informative and fascinating event may still be jarring but not frightful. It is the calm after a weekend of thrill. Fear factor: 1

These spooky events will get your heart racing all with a smile on your face. Sometimes the tricks can actually be a treat. Find these events, venues, and more at openartsphilly.com