Trot around Philly this Thanksgiving Break

Trot around Philly this Thanksgiving Break

One more week of class and then it is finally Thanksgiving break. There is a lot to be thankful for here in Philadelphia. At Open Arts, we’re thankful for the thriving art scene, inspiring youth, beautiful landscapes, and growing diversity in the city. The plentiful art and cultural events and exhibits that we’re so thankful for wait to bring people, such as you and your loved ones, together. What could be better than exploring the arts with your favorite people, for free! Here’s a list of some of the exciting events you can take advantage of over your long weekend.

 If you’ve been checking out the events in November you may have seen two upcoming musical events. Kick off break with Cecile Licad Piano on the evening of November 24 at Ben Franklin Hall. This concert presented by the Philadelphia Chamber Music Society will introduce you to the piano like you’ve never heard. Cecile Licad’s daring performance will leave you with chills.

 Another emotional performance to check out is The Machine at the Keswick Theatre on November 27. They are a cover band of Pink Floyd, who have been rocking out for 20 years. While it may not be the original, legendary Pink Floyd- it is the next best thing! Aside from their musical talents, this exceptional cover band performs to a light show, creating the ultimate experience. Pink Floyd fans rejoice and get your tickets today!

 There are always plenty of new and exciting featured events each month, but there are year-round free and discounted tickets as well! With so many attractions to take advantage of you will have to save some of them for winter break. Following are just a handful of places to take your guests next weekend.

 Before it gets too much colder, check out the outdoor attractions- Philadelphia’s Magic Gardens and Bartram’s Garden. For only $5 head to South Street to explore the unique mosaics by Isaiah Zagar at the Magic Gardens. This inspiring public art exhibit demonstrates creativity, sustainability, and community engagement. There is no doubt where the Garden’s name comes from- it truly is magical. Contrasting the visual arts of Isaiah’s work, Bartram’s Garden offers a beautiful array of natural art. You can walk through the oldest surviving botanical garden in North America for free. While these two gardens differ, both offer breathtaking experiences that will impress your guests.

 There are exciting indoor activities to share too. Since Thanksgiving is a holiday that embraces history and unity, it is an appropriate time to visit some museums with historical and cultural importance.

 First, pay the US Mint a visit. You may be spending money on Black Friday, why not come in and see for yourself how it is really made! You don’t have to spend a dime to learn about the minting process- self-guided tours are free. Visiting the US Mint is a great reason to explore the rest of Old City.

 While you’re in the historic neighborhoods of Philadelphia, stop in the American Philosophical Society Museum. The museum will allow you to, “discover the rare, the curious, and the authentic. Learn about American history and innovation. Make connections between art and science.” Discover more about some of America’s great inventors and leaders like Thomas Jefferson. Believe it or not, this museum is free too!

See how history and culture shine through written art at the Rosenbach Museum & Library. For just $5 you can see the amazing collection of rare books, manuscripts, and original copies of some of the world’s most iconic books such as Bram Stoker’s, Dracula and James Joyce’s, Ulysses. Plus, the library alone is a masterpiece itself. Exploring the rare book collection will take you back through time and inspire even more appreciation for the rich US history.

Check out all of the other year-round opportunities here.

Take advantage of all that Philadelphia has to offer and enjoy your break! After exploring these attractions you’ll be thankful for Philadelphia too. However, at the end of the day it doesn’t matter what events you attend, attractions you see, or artists you explore- as long as it’s with your friends and family. Happy Thanksgiving!