Words Around Town: Spoken Art Events

Words Around Town: Spoken Art Events

All forms of art have a way of describing a story, liberating a spirit and creating a movement. With the power of words, spoken art can open your mind about controversial subjects that are too often tabooed. What often resides in silence comes alive this month with these awakening events!

First, take a visit to the Eastern State Penitentiary on October 6, for the Searchlight Series. Michael Welch, a criminalist and author, will be divulging into his book, “Escape to Prison.” He has explored prisons across the world learning about the relationship between culture and punishment. We’re lucky enough to be able to hear about his unique experiences first hand- and what better location to learn about culture and punishment than one of Philadelphia’s own former prisons.

However, not all punishments involve prison. Social prejudices can trap individuals and groups of people. During The Children's Hour at EgoPo Classic Theater on October 7 and 8, sexual prejudices are explored through theatrical performance. While enlightening the audience on the tragedy set in the 1930’s, we can also reflect on how that still resonates today. Through entertainment we can partake in this social awareness.

Spoken art has a way of taking us back in history, to hear again what has been said before us. In the theatrical production, Antigone, at The Wilma Theater on October 7, Greek mythology will introduce us to moral, religious and political dilemmas of the unburied dead. This controversial subject is sure to make an exciting performance.

 For another look into the past, check out the live performance of the poet and historian Carl Hancock Rux in The Exalted at the Kimmel Center October 8,9, and 10. He incorporates music into his poetry to better transcend his personal experience of heritage, art and atrocity. It is through art that he is able to share his personal experiences.

 There are so many stories out there waiting to be heard, we can start here!