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Our students  have used a “passport” booklet filled with free offers and discounts in the past.  How is this program the same or different than that program?

The program will be able to deliver the same opportunities as the passport programs; they’ll just be more specific.  Venues and organizations will now offer a certain number of free tickets to events at specific dates and times, these will be accessible on a first-come, first-serve basis to Open Arts members.  This is different than the “one free show, anytime” offer to all students.  Our partners agree that this approach will make for a more traceable and manageable experience for both partners.  We will continue to host a healthy list of venue and event discounts, rush tickets and group rates for all students, members and non-members, to explore on openartsphilly.com. An additional difference is that Open Arts members will not be limited to “one free show,” but can redeem additional offers and return any time, as opportunities become available.

Will there be free offers that a large group of students can attend?  For example, if an RA wants to take all of their residents to an event.  How would that work?

We have a number of listings who offer free admission to all students en masse, but those offers will be listed on the Open Arts website in a few new formats, that can be found in following ways:

    1. Check the student discounts section – there are great options under “always free”.
    2. See the event listings - some venues offer enough free tickets for a group to attend, or do not limit the number of free tickets available. Clicking through to the TicketLeap interface will also show how many tickets are available. 
    3. Although we are not able to list every free non-ticketed event for all of our partners, many have free events as part of their regular programming.  Students can easily find these events via organizations’ websites that are easily accessible through openartsphilly.com.

We are confident that plenty of offers will exist for students as the program grows. When in doubt, send us an email, openarts@campusphilly.org, before you organize your group outing and we’ll be happy to offer assistance.