Tongue & Groove Spontaneous Theater

Tongue & Groove Spontaneous Theater

Improvised theater inspired by YOU!

Tongue & Groove uses your anonymously submitted honest thoughts & feelings to inspire our improvised scenes and monologues. 

We ask a provocative prompt like "tell us a secret you keep" or "what's a moment from your past you'd like to re-visit and why." 

It's fun to hear what the rest of the audience has submitted, and even more interesting to see the actors interpret it!

Tongue & Groove shows make you​ laugh, gasp, cringe, cry & cheer!​

 "Hilarious and fearless" (Philly Weekly)

 "You'll laugh til you get a head rush" (Phawker)

 "Soul-baring sincerity and humor" (City Paper)


Phone: 215-805-4303